Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recent Adventures

I was in the Bay Area recently and managed to get a "shot" of The City:

I say "shot" because this is actually a ten-element panorama, with each element comprising seven timed exposures of varying lengths.  This image is a composite of seventy individual photographs.  At full size, this image will print 24"X90".

And just to prove that I occassionally shoot during the day:

After a recent trip to Sedona, we came back on US 40 primarily to stop in Amboy, California - which is notable for three things: It resides on old Route 66, has its own crater (of an extinct volcano) and is the home of the now-defunct Roy's Motel and Cafe. I think every photographer in Southern California has made the pilgrimage to Amboy to get a golden-hour shot of this sign with the clear, deep blue sky behind it. However, on the day we were there, it was overcast and starting to rain. But then, as I was shooting an abandoned gas station a few miles from Amboy, a '50 Hudson Commodore in really great condition drove past. We jumped back in the car and headed off toward Roy's, hoping the Hudson had made a stop there.  I got lucky.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Current Work

5th Street Liquor, Las Vegas

Eastern Columbia Building (1929), Los Angeles

Kingsway Motel
Belmont, California

Golden Gopher, Los Angeles

Hoover Dam Bypass Under Construction

The Wilshire-Ebell Theater (1927), Los Angeles

Blue Palace
The Palace Theater (1911), Los Angeles

Pressure Vessel, Mojave, California

Prada, Las Vegas

Arts District, Las Vegas

Good Bye, Michael
The Los Angeles Theater (1931)

Noir City (Los Angeles)

Oasis, Burbank, California

76, Barstow, California

Wounded Beast, Mojave, California

Plus Size, Fashion District, LA
(Merit Award Winner, COLOR Magazine)

Pink Motel, Sunland, California

Broadway, Los Angeles